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Crown Reduction



Crown Reduction

The reduction in height and spread of a tree crown by pruning the branches back to a growing point.

Crown Renovation & Renewal

The selective thinning of regrowth from hard crown reduction, retaining dominant and stronger branches to regenerate a new crown.

Crown Thinning

The reduction of the foliage density in the crown of a tree by selective removal of unwanted branches inside the crown.  

Crown Clearing

The removal of dead, decaying and dangerous wood from the tree's crown.

Crown Lifting

The removal of low branches and the preparation of lower branches for future removal. 

tree pruning


Bigtree trunk after felling


Cutting down tree, including the complete removal of a tree down to ground level. Felling can help provide access and sunlight.


Dismantling involves using felling the tree using aerial climbing techniques. 




Selection Harvesting

Helps conserve and preserve forests and also meet the commercial needs of maintaining a forest.

Timber Harvesting

Planning harvest and reforestation. The process involves cutting trees and moving them, as well as sorting and loading and transporting the materials.

Clear Cutting

Cutting down ageing trees in a certain area with health issues to open up ground for young trees to grow in fertile ground and direct sunlight. 

Cutting Woods
Stump Grinding


stump grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves the removal of the stump to a specific depth.

A stump can remain in the ground without causing any harm. However if it can become necessary to remove the stump if you are landscaping or building, or if the stump is rotting. 


The most efficient way of removing a stump is by using a stump grinder.

We use specialist tree stump grinding equipment and can remove stumps of any size.




Site Clearance 

Our expert team can clear your site, no matter how full of trees, roots and vegetation it may be.

Our site tree clearance services are used by both commercial and domestic clients, including: contractors, construction companies  landscapers and site owners. 


We offer wood chipping services to suit all site conditions.

Chipping involves removing problematic wood from your property. Our experienced team can turn your wood waste into high quality wood chip. 


We are able to offer chipping services as part of tree felling or site clearance works.

woodchipping in woodland


hedge trimming

Hedge cutting:

Hedge cutting, we can cut back unwanted growth on any  hedge or bush.

Hedge shaping:

We can transform an overgrown and out of shape hedge into a neat square or round edged hedge.

Hedge removal:

We will completely remove any unwanted hedges / bushes you have.


Chipping & SC
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